How Using the Money Flow Index (MFI) Can Give You an Edge

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Technical Trading 101: Knowing Which Indicator Fires First

It’s garbage. 

It’s nothing more than pseudo-science with zero validity.

"I realized technical analysis didn't work when I turned the charts upside down and didn't get a different answer,” said Warren Buffett.

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Solar Stocks: The Technical Picture Many Traders Missed

Never ignore the downtrodden, we noted in late March 2017.

At the time, we were talking about solar stocks, many of which had been left for dead, ignored at historic lows.  Many became ridiculously oversold on a perfect storm of lower gas prices, concerns the government would phase out subsidies, as well as crushing amounts of debt.

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Marijuana Stocks: A Fundamental and Technical View

Let’s be brutally honest -- You either want to make money or you don’t.

Sure, marijuana is one of the most controversial stories on the market. But it’s also one of the most rewarding – most profitable ways to make money right now.

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Why Every Trader Should Learn Options

Here’s a quick question.

If you were offered the choice between a 2% gain in days and a 75% gain over the same time frame, which would you choose? 

Let me ask that another way...

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Finding Opportunities in Low-Cost Stocks

We've all been there.

We kick ourselves for not buying (AMZN) at $7 a share, only to watch it explode to nearly $1,000 by 2017.  We question our sanity for not buying Facebook (FB) at $20, only to watch it pop to $152.  We get upset for not buying Netflix (NFLX) at $9, only to watch it move to a high of $162.

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What You Need to Know About Defense ETFs

They’re some of the hottest trades on the market.

Nearly every defense ETF Exploded higher after Trump inked a weapons deal with the Saudis worth nearly $350 billion over the next 10 years.  Nearly every one ran even higher after Donald Trump asked for approval on a $668 billion defense budget, too.


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