How to Use MACD and RSI in Your Trading

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The Best ETFs to Hold Long-Term

Exchange-traded funds have always been popular.

In fact, throughout 2016, according to The Financial Times, global inflows averaged more than $12,000 every second thanks to tax and cost advantages, as well as the ability to safely diversity at less cost.

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Technical Analysis 101: The Importance of the On Balance Volume (OBV)

Not all technical indicators were created equally.

A lot of them have their limitations, as does fundamental analysis. But as long as you never forget to confirm your findings, the better off you are.

For example, we’d never simply rely only on On Balance Volume (OBV).

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Technical Analysis: How to Predict Moves in Gold

When it comes to gold, the press is typically late to the game.

In late May 2017, for example, after gold had already run from $1,215 to $1,296, the press became ultra-bullish, calling for further upside.  They became incredibly bullish again in late July 2017 after a big run from $1,205 to $1,279.

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Options Trading 101: Why LEAPS?

On October 15, 2007, the very first baby boomer to file for social security was Kathleen Casey-Kirschling.  Behind her, another 80 million baby boomers were preparing to retire, too, over the next two decades.  More than 10,000 were about to retire by the day.

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The Wrong Way to Trade Options

Options are one of the greatest ways to earn consistent streams of income.

No wonder it’s become the most popular trading methods to date. So much so that since 2007, average trading volume in options exploded from 11.7 million to 16.5 million in 2017.


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Technical Trading 101: Knowing Which Indicator Fires First

It’s garbage. 

It’s nothing more than pseudo-science with zero validity.

"I realized technical analysis didn't work when I turned the charts upside down and didn't get a different answer,” said Warren Buffett.

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