Two of the Biggest Reasons Why Cannabis Should be in Your Portfolio

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The Trump Effect: How to Profit from “The Wall”

“Big day planned ahead on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow.  Among many other things, we will build the wall.”

That’s what President Donald Trump tweeted on January 24.

And, already it’s goosing “wall” stocks.

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The Trump Effect: How to Trade its Impact

It’s called the Trump Effect.

And since the November 2016 election, we’ve come to know it well.

While commodities have been some of the hottest places to park cash, so have infrastructure stocks that are only just beginning to move.

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World War III has Already Begun Online

We’re already losing the war online.

We’ve been crippled on the field of battle, our legs cut out from under us.

It’s cost businesses billions of dollars. The average cost of annual cyber attacks is up to $400 billion.  By 2019, it could be up to $2.1 trillion.

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Even Better Than Gold Right Now

Gold is on the run again.

After a rough 2016, gold is up another 3% on the year with great upside.

But as it turns out, gold isn’t the hottest metal trade out there.  Aluminum is up 8% so far.  Copper is up 17%.  And we can assure you the run isn’t over. 

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Trump Wins: An Expected Winning Stock Explodes

The key to trading is simple.

Think of the market like a stoplight.

When you’re stopped at a stoplight, you don’t try to predict when the light will go green.  Instead, you just hit the gas and hightail it out of there when it does. 

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The Most Controversial Conversation We'll Have All Year

It doesn’t matter how controversial a stock may seem.

If it can predictably make you money, back up the truck and buy it… especially if the sector its in is creating a groundswell of interest last seen in the Internet boom.

Look at the marijuana industry, for example.

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