Small Cap Stocks are Long Overdue to Rally Higher

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The South Sea Bubble: What We Can Learn from Irrationality

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the brightest minds in history.

He’s well known for his discovery of the laws of gravity and motion, and for having developed calculus, optics, a reflecting telescope, a great deal of other contributions in the field of mathematics.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t such a bright investor.

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China Stocks: How to Spot the Birth of a Boom

A lot of traders think of themselves as contrarians.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to pull the trigger on a contrarian bet, they freeze.  They can’t do it.  Fear rules the roost. 

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Opportunity in Crisis: Why Traders Don’t Always React

We don’t always know to react.

Others of us only react when others react.

It really depends on what we’re told.  For example, when the UK voted to exit the European Union, markets plunged as news spread.  Many of us reacted with fear of the unknown.

Months later, the world was hit with a cyber security scare and there was no reaction.

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How Sir John Templeton Would Have Traded China

Try to see the positive in the negative.

It may sound like a popular proverb.  But it’s how contrarians make their money.

Look at China in early 2017, for example.  At the time, the world gave up on it, as the economy lost momentum.  Short interest began to pile up.  The bears were filing out.

No one in his right mind would touch the market.

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Crisis Leads to Opportunity With These ETFs

You’ve seen the headlines.

California’s water crisis is dangerous, just like Flint’s.

U.S. faces ‘nationwide drinking water crisis.”

The global fight for water is getting ugly.


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The No. 1 Reason to Always Buy Commodities

We’re all here for the same reason.

To make as much money as humanly possible – with little risk as possible – in any market.

One of the best ways to do just that is by simply identifying where demand far outweighs supply.

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