Price Expansion and Retraction: The Rubber Band Effect

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Gold Trading: Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful

Gold is a fickle beast.

There’s a great fear that Federal Reserve policy on rates will remove the shine from the metal.  But that’s really never the case.  In fact, when interest rates rose to 0.5% from 0.25% in December 2015 followed by a promise of four hikes in 2016, gold bottomed out and ran from $1,050 to $1,375.

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Opportunity in the Most Crowded Trade of the Year

Well, this could be embarrassing.

Analysts, traders, hedge funds have all been largely optimistic about the sustainability of the oil rally months after OPEC agreed to curb production.

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Crisis and Opportunity: Those Dam Stocks

For many crisis traders, the more severe the situation, the better the opportunity.

The latest story out of California is the perfect example.

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It Is Unbelievable What Others Will Not Trade...

It’s amazing what some traders will still ignore.

Last week, we mentioned that Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY) was an opportunity in ruin. 


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Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY): An Opportunity in Ruin

The best opportunities lay in ruin.

That’s what we noted last week with regards to UPS, which is beginning to bottom.

But as we all know, ruin happens all the time.  Yet, even the smartest traders in the room still have a tendency to ignore them, especially if they just hit a 52-week low.

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Opportunity in Crisis: The Stock many are Wrongly Ignoring

Sometimes, the best opportunities lay in disaster.

UPS (NYSE:UPS) is the perfect example. 

In late November 2016, the stock began to rocket higher on high hopes for the holiday shopping season.  It would run from a low of $106.45 to a high of $120.44.

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